Why Property Investment In Malaysia Is Still The Best Kind Of Investment Now


By MahSing | August 16, 2022

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“Property investment here in Malaysia and in this economy? You must be joking!”

With everything that is currently happening in Malaysia, you’re probably thinking this. Investing in Malaysian property in the year 2022 does seem like risky business and might even be deemed unnecessary.

If you are new to the property market and have been planning on buying your first property in 2022 for investment, then consider doing so. This is because investing in Malaysian property, there are definitely some benefits you can still reap in the long run at the end of the day.

Generate income from property investment in Malaysia

An investment in Malaysia’s housing property will give you the opportunity to generate passive income in the long run by renting out your property. Choosing to invest in real estate this way is especially useful when it comes to helping you pay off your mortgage, which in turn reduces the cost of your property.

Besides that, investing in a property and receiving rental income from it can also be used as leverage when it comes to applying for loans in the future, as it is recognised as a legitimate source of income by the bank.

Investing property in Malaysia is less volatile

Compared to other types of investment in Malaysia, such as stocks, crypto and other high-risk investments, property investment is far less volatile.

It’s definitely a safer and less-risky option to look at if you are looking to invest but still want to see some returns at the end of the day. This is also mainly the reason why many people today still prefer to invest in the property market compared to other forms of investment options.

Buying your first investment property in Malaysia gives you freedom

“Freedom” as in the freedom to make decisions and have the say on what you want your property to look like in terms of its interior, design, style, mood, colours and others. Whether you have made it a place to call home, renting it out or selling it, this kind of freedom of doing whatever you feel like with the property you bought, does feel liberating.

Besides that, it is also comforting to know that you own an asset that is tangible in the form of property investment that is both stable and solid.

Investing in property that appreciates overtime and boosts your net worth

Unlike other types of investments, the value of property only increases over time and if you have invested in a good property, there’s no doubt that it can make a profit for you. Investing in property also builds equity which in turn, boosts your net worth.

Besides that, the cost of renting a property is also known to increase, which gives you an opportunity to gain higher cash flow.

Best properties to investment in Malaysia now

Whether it is a high-rise condominium in the big city or a quaint house in the suburbs, Mah Sing Group offers quality and affordable properties that are worth investing in and are located in some of the most happening areas.

So if you are on the lookout for the best place to invest in a property in Malaysia, here are some beautiful properties with their own unique offerings which might interest you.

Buying your first investment property in Kuala Lumpur

M Vertica (Tower E), Cheras

If you’re looking for properties in the city of Kuala Lumpur itself, then you might want to check out M Vertica. Situated in a prime location in KL city and featuring one of the largest landscaped and facilities decks, it makes for a great property investment currently. The final tower is now open for sale, and you can learn about M Vertica here.

Another property in KL that might interest you is M Astra, a new condo at Setapak. Priced from RM399,000 onwards, this high-rise property is a dream with features such as multi-tier security, lush landscapes and ample facilities, as well as being equipped with delivery parcel lockers for every unit. It is also highly accessible location-wise, which makes it an ideal option for property investment. Learn more about M Astra condominium here!

Affordable yet luxurious landed properties to invest in Malaysia

The newly launched M Senyum at Salak Tinggi, Selangor, consists of 2-storey homes that boast blissful living. This residence features excellent connectivity for your convenience, community lifestyle amenities, luxuriant gardens and contemporary designs and layouts. This new housing project starts from RM450,000 onwards, and you can learn more about this highly-potential property here.

Another newly launched landed property to look at is located in Johor, Meridin East at Pasir Gudang. The 2-storey linked homes are situated in a 1,313-acre gated lake garden community complete with outdoor activity spaces. It is connected to modern highways, thus its residents will enjoy access to Johor Bahru. Once the direct-access road from the highway is completed, travelling to Pasir Gudang from Tanjung Langsat will be a breeze. Interested in Meridin East as your best property investment? Learn more about it here!

Thinking of looking at more options of where to buy an investment property? You can also check out our other latest launches and property developments on our website.

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